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Workplace Press.

Training Programmes

Workplace Press offers a range of training courses dealing with different aspects of health and safety in the work environment. These courses are offered to companies throughout New Zealand and have been specifically designed to assist employers in their development of in-house expertise.  Where applicable, courses are linked to unit standards through NZQA. In addition, participants will receive a 'Certificate of Attainment' on successful completion of each course.


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This course introduces participants to the requirements of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Audit.  Participants will be provided with a comprehensive audit handbook detailing the requirements of the audit.  At the end of the session participants will:

  • know the legislative framework around which the audit is based;
  • have an understanding of the requirements of the ACC audit;  and
  • have an understanding of the systems needed to meet either primary, secondary or tertiary performance standards.

Course Outline:
Day 1:

  1. Principles of auditing
  2. Review of Health & Safety legislation
  3. Hazard identification assessment and management
  4. Employer commitment to health and safety
  5. Planning, review and evaluation

Day 2:

  1. Information, training and supervision
  2. Incident and injury reporting, recording and investigation
  3. Employee participation
  4. Emergency planning and readiness
  5. Contractors and sub-contractors


2008 Courses

This course is an introduction to the requirements for both principals and contractors in respect to health and safety specifications for contract work.  It introduces participants to the full range of information required by principals when engaging contractors.  A ‘contractor self-review audit’ will allow potential contractors to review the adequacy of their health and safety systems.

Course Outline:

  • Health and Safety legislation covering contractor management
  • Tender documentation and negotiation of contract health and safety terms
  • Pre-contract evaluations
  • Requirements for monitoring contractors’ on-site health and safety performance
  • Post-contract evaluation
  • Contractor health and safety plans

A comprehensive audit manual will be provided covering case law and the H&S requirements for both ‘major’ and ‘minor’ contracts.

(1 day)

This course introduces participants to the hazards in an office environment.  It covers material which will enable an employer to undertake an audit of their office environment to assess their level of compliance to health and safety legislation.

Course Outline:

  • Review of health and safety legislation
  • Equipment purchase and selection
  • Work organisation
  • Recruitment and induction training
  • On-the-job training and information
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident reporting, recording and investigation
  • Contractor management
  • Employee participation
  • Management commitment to health and safety

A comprehensive ‘office audit’ handbook will be provided, covering all aspects of health and safety in the office environment.


This course is for employers wishing to assess their level of compliance to health and safety legislation.  On completion of the course participants will be able to undertake a self-assessment of their workplace in order to determine the level of compliance to the HSE Act 1992 and HSE Regulations 1995.

Course Outline:

  • Principles of health and safety auditing
  • Hazard ID, assessment and control
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident reporting, recording and investigation
  • Information, training and supervision
  • Principals, contractors and subcontractors
  • Active management commitment
  • Employee participation
  • General environment and workplace facilities
A comprehensive audit handbook will be provided with guidelines to help participants understand the statutory requirements.

(1 day)

This course is intended for those people who wish to be certified as an ‘approved handler’ and who work with the following groups of hazardous substances:

  • Dangerous goods, excluding explosives
  • Scheduled toxic substances

(Note: it is not suitable for those people working with agrichemicals, pesticides, VTA’s or veterinary medicines).

 This course is also intended for those persons who are in charge of places of work where hazardous substances are present, or people who are seeking an understanding of the requirements to use, transport or store hazardous substances under the HSNO Act 1996.

On successful completion of the course (including an assessment and evidence of appropriate practical experience), participants will be awarded an ‘approved handler certificate’.

Course content:

  • Introduction to the HSNO Act
  • Complying with the HSNO Act
  • Classification of hazardous substances
  • Hazardous substance controls
  • Approved handler and location test certificates
  • Emergency management
  • Assessing adverse effects of hazardous substances

A comprehensive Hazardous Substances Handbook will be provided.


Chemical Safety (1 day)

This course deals with chemical hazards in the workplace.  Relevant legislation is outlined, including the HSNO Act 1996, the Resource Management Act 1991, the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 and associated regulations.   Participants are introduced to the methods used to recognise, evaluate and control chemical hazards in the workplace and beyond.  Topics include: occupational exposures;  assessment techniques, including Workplace Exposure Standards and Material Safety Data Sheets; and control of chemical hazards.

Course content:

  • Legislation relating to chemical hazards
  • Classes and types of chemical hazards
  • Chemical risks to health and effects on the body
  • Assessment of chemical hazards
  • Assessment of chemical hazards
  • Control measures



Douglas Hay

Course facilitator is Douglas Hay. He is an Associate Professor in Occupational Safety and Health at Massey University.

Peter O'Donnell, course facilitator for Hazardous Substance courses, is an environmental engineer and a HSNO test certifier, authorised by ERMA.  He has considerable experience working with hazardous substances in manufacturing industries.

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